Electrical equipment

Systron PowerShield® shieldings for electrical equipment are used as flat screen shields, room shields or component shields to limit low-frequency magnetic fields. That way, magnetic fields of transformers, busbars, cable trays, low-voltage distribution systems, USV systems, motors, generators, reactors etc. are shielded. In addition, Surface Shields are used as stray field shielding for NMR.

Systron PowerShield® transformer compact shields:


Systron PowerShield® transformer compact shields
kompaktabschirmungCompact shields over two 630kVA transformers

With the Systron PowerShield® transformer compact shielding magnetic fields of Transformers are limited. The compact Shield was developed in cooperation with EWZ Zurich so the installation limit value, AGW, of transformers in accordance with the regulation on non-ionising radiation, NISV, can be met.
The compact shield was therefore developed for transformers with different performance and dimensions and is available in different dimensions and shielding factors for transformers up to 1600 kVA.
The shielding effect was checked by Electrosuisse. These measurements were performed with currents from 150A to 1900A.
The measurement curves show that the AGW in rooms above the transformer station, in transformer stations with the usual room heights, are respected perfectly.

Isoline 630kVA

Isoline 630kVA, 900A, 1µT - curve


Rot = without shielding, black = with transformer compact shielding
Source: electrosuisse Fehraltorf

Isoline 1000kVA

Isoline 1000kVA, 1460A, 1µT - curve


Rot = without shielding, black = with transformer compact shielding
Source: electrosuisse Fehraltorf


Practical examples

630kVA   630kVA   1000kVA

Systron PowerShield® Surface shields:


Systron PowerShield® - Surface shields

Surface shielding in transformer room

Systron PowerShield® - Surface shields are used to protect people or equipment by reducing low-frequency magnetic fields such as the ones caused by transformers, NS distribution, medium-voltage equipment and wires or electrical devices.

Systron PowerShield® - Surface shields are used to meet (legal) limits or, in terms of prevention, keep field exposure on people as small as possible.

Systron Power Shield® Surface shields are equally used for small and large areas.

The Systron Power Shield® shielding system consists of sandwich panels with a combination of magnetic and electrically conductive metals and is typically used in low-frequency magnetic fields with frequencies of 16.7Hz, 50Hz up to approximately 1000Hz. The shield panels are mounted on the floor, on walls or ceiling.

Shielding, Example

Proof of the effect of the surface shield system via a transformer station.

Red: Without shielding, 20 cm height above ground 
Black: With shielding, 20 cm height above ground

Transformer station in the basement, on the floor with a surface shield on the bottom of the above floor. On this floor office workstations (operating personnel) are being installed. The aim of these measures was to reduce the values during normal operation current as best as possible and if possible to keep them under the AGW of 1µT.
Red curve:
Measured values 20cm height above ground, in a distance of 1 m, measured on a line. Maximum measured value: 14.6µT
Black curve:
Measured values 20cm height above ground, in a distance of 1 m, measured on a line. Maximum measured value: 0.4µT
A reduction of >factor 30 has been achieved with the shielding*.
*The current was also measured during the measurements. The values in the diagram are converted to the same power and thus are comparable.


Practical examples

decken wand abschirmungCeiling/wall shielding in transformer station
magnetfeldabschirmung bodenShielded office floor above transformer station
bodenabschirmung serono1000 m² floor shielding above transformer station


Systron PowerShield® Cable tray shielding:


Systron PowerShield® - Cable tray shielding

Systron PowerShield® Cable tray shielding are being used for field reduction on cable trays. This type of shielding is based on the proven Systron PowerShield® composite panels. The elements are custom made.

Use: Cable trays, power rails, devices



Cable tray shielding

Manufacturing cable tray shielding

     Cable tray shield mounted         Cable tray shielding implementation 






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